We don’t want to share our private space with security guards while staying at home. I’ve been desperately looking for a solution that eliminates the physical
presence of a stranger around us. I’ve first heard about Swissguard in a cigar lounge. A week later, they started monitoring our house in Miami. Since then, I feel much more at ease at home since both my privacy and security are ensured.

Thanks, Swissguard!

Phillip McCann, Owner

After many bad experiences, we decided to move from security guards to Swissguard’s services. We no longer have disagreements with our security firm over the guardian’s appearance and behavior. Because our guardians are invisible, we are happy that we do not obstruct or disturb our residents in any way. At the same time, we still provide reliable security because Swissguard’s guards keep an eye on our property, ensuring its safety at all times. …. and a lot of the costs are saved.

Levi Rodriguez, Property Manager, High-End Residential Buildings

My experience with Swissguard is overwhelmingly positive. Despite having a DIY security system in place, last year our house was broken into. I travel a lot for my job and after that, leaving my wife and kids at home didn’t feel safe anymore. I feel much more at ease now that I know there are professionals watching those cameras who will act when needed.

James Briggs, Homeowner

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