Ultimate Remote Security with Swissguard

Why just record crime when you could also prevent it before it happens? Transform passive alarm systems into active protection.

Remote video surveillance solutions

Do you feel like you’re always looking over your shoulder, constantly worrying about the safety of your home or business? It’s time to re-evaluate your security.

Swissguard is a residential and commercial remote security company that provides professional live monitoring in affluent neighborhoods across the UK. We integrate innovative video surveillance technology and man-guarding to watch over your home or business 24/7, 365 days a year.

Stop Reacting to Your Security Issues and Start Preventing Them

We are not medical professionals, but we can alleviate anxiety induced by safety concerns and help you protect what matters the most to you. With years of experience in the security and property development industry, our approach combines passive alarm systems with active video surveillance to ensure your peace of mind and safety.

Our services

Vulnerability assessment

Remote CCTV monitoring services are not only about installing cameras around the property. Real security takes much more than that. If you want to have comprehensive security coverage you invest in high-value devices. In order to have truly comprehensive security coverage around your property, the first step is to thoroughly assess the risk that you face, and find the right instruments of protection. With so many companies offering similar-sounding security solutions, it can be difficult to determine which provider would best meet your needs while also providing the peace of mind that comes with total home security.
Contact us to learn more about how Swissguard can provide you with a free assessment of your current security solution’s vulnerabilities and how we might be able to assist you to strengthen your first line of defense.

Continuous monitoring by guards

A team of dedicated security professionals will simultaneously watch numerous video cameras in real-time to spot any suspicious activity or behavioral trends. The IP addresses of the cameras are linked to our monitoring software, and the camera feeds are continuously and uninterruptedly monitored.
If an officer notices something suspicious, an internal manual alarm will be triggered and, if qualified, respond per the client protocol. Having a video-verified alarm is critical for faster response times when dealing with law enforcement. Verified alarms result in a much faster and better response.

Event - based monitoring with AI

Event-based monitoring integrates artificial intelligence with your cameras and alerts you when an event triggers an alarm. These triggers can be motion detection or a glass-break alert, or something more sophisticated like a virtual fence around your perimeter.
Monitoring agents are at a central monitoring station, and they get an alert that someone is approaching the perimeter fence at the location. Guards pull up the video corresponding to that alarm and quickly assess if it’s a false alarm or if it’s really a security event. If the event is validated, the guards start acting in accordance with your security protocol immediately.

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