"Everything is safe until it is not"

High-end 24/7 security
Swiss privacy
Human guards with the latest AI technology
Best value for money
Tailored solutions in the range of $800 - 3500 / month

Being a high-net-worth person, you are always exposed to security risks at all times.
You, your family, and your valuables are targets of criminals.

Swissguard is here to protect you and your loved ones, wether you are away from or at home. All this without sacrificing your privacy.

Dediceted guards watch your CCTV cameras' live feeds and act in case of need according to your security protocol.

We understand your security concerns and needs and provide you a bespoke solution as well as peace of mind.

We are specialized security providers for high-net-worth families in the United States

Do you trust your existing security solution? Do you feel safe? If you have any security concerns it is worth listening to us.
You are successful and want to enjoy the fruits of your success. This is obvious.

Why should you hide what you have?

You do not have to, however, you must be aware that you are living with safety concerns. As a consequence of the general economic downturn, the number of violent crimes has been increasing. Even at present, you may have someone looking to harm you: dishonest, bitter competitors or business partners, criminals, or terrorists looking to take from you and your loved ones. You are under continuous threat and the threat is close to you and it is daunting.

How can you have the best security coverage without sacrificing your privacy?

Swissguard provides the solution for you with the combination of CCTV surveillance and on-site guarding

Our services

Vulnerability assessment

Remote CCTV monitoring services are not only about installing cameras around the property. Real security takes much more than that. If you want to have comprehensive security coverage you invest in high-value devices. In order to have truly comprehensive security coverage around your property, the first step is to thoroughly assess the risk that you face, and find the right instruments of protection. With so many companies offering similar-sounding security solutions, it can be difficult to determine which provider would best meet your needs while also providing the peace of mind that comes with total home security.
Contact us to learn more about how Swissguard can provide you with a free assessment of your current security solution’s vulnerabilities and how we might be able to assist you to strengthen your first line of defense.

Continuous monitoring by guards

A team of dedicated security professionals will simultaneously watch numerous video cameras in real-time to spot any suspicious activity or behavioral trends. The IP addresses of the cameras are linked to our monitoring software, and the camera feeds are continuously and uninterruptedly monitored.
If an officer notices something suspicious, an internal manual alarm will be triggered and, if qualified, respond per the client protocol. Having a video-verified alarm is critical for faster response times when dealing with law enforcement. Verified alarms result in a much faster and better response.

Event - based monitoring with AI

Event-based monitoring integrates artificial intelligence with your cameras and alerts you when an event triggers an alarm. These triggers can be motion detection or a glass-break alert, or something more sophisticated like a virtual fence around your perimeter.
Monitoring agents are at a central monitoring station, and they get an alert that someone is approaching the perimeter fence at the location. Guards pull up the video corresponding to that alarm and quickly assess if it’s a false alarm or if it’s really a security event. If the event is validated, the guards start acting in accordance with your security protocol immediately.

Why Swissguard

No guardian risk

Do you know your on-site guard? Are you sure that the on-site guard is able to protect you? Eliminate the risk of unpredictable behavior and the lack of proper training and experience of on-site guards.

Privacy protection

Privacy is a key value in your life which is largely disturbed in the case of on-site guarding. Our solution protects your privacy since our guards only watch those areas that can be exposed to potential intrusion.

Professional team

Our monitoring agents are trained professionals with law enforcement backgrounds. Each guard watches a maximum of 32 live feeds at a time and guards are in a 45-minute rotation to keep their eyes sharp.
The guards are trained to detect suspicious activities and act before anything unwanted would happen.

Guaranteed reduction in false alarms resulting in quicker response time

Our experienced guards will continuously monitor your property to detect any suspicious activity.
Continuous high-level attention eliminates the false alarms which are recognized by law enforcement bodies which leads to quicker response time.

Best value for money

Our solution provides a best in class security coverage for the fraction of the on-site guarding cost.

Easy to integrate

+99% of the existing CCTV systems can be easily integrated into our software environment thus service providing can start within 24 hours from contracting.

No term commitment

We trust in our service, therefore no term commitment is contracted.
Service can be terminated anytime with a 30-day notification.

Complete peace of mind

A genuine sense of calm, delivered by qualified professionals who will be your eyes every second of the day. Not everything can be self-managed and done DIY style, certainly not for the safety of your family and household.
Leave it to us, the experts.

About us

Swissguard was established in 2016 with the promising goal of revolutionizing the classic CCTV monitoring and the on-site manned guarding protection models.
Our group is headquartered in Switzerland. 

We at Swissguard aim to take a leading role in combining human and artificial intelligence in our service offerings and to provide the best security solutions to our clients and partners. We are not only providing security services to our private as well as commercial customers but taking care of their lives, health, and valuables.

Swissguard’s core values have not changed since its establishment:

  • Commitment
  • Loyalty
  • Swiss quality
  • Industry excellence

Our mission is to provide high-quality, cost-conscious security with real-time video monitoring to protect, prevent crime, and create a safer world.

Since its establishment, Swissguard has had its international operation grow exponentially into subsidiaries and distributors throughout Europe, the US, and the UK. While the establishment has only been on the market for six years, Swissguard has managed to achieve quick and stable success and aims to become the leader of manned guarding combined 24/7 live remote security solutions.

We are proud of our Swiss roots and are dedicated to offering services that exceed industry standards.


We do not want to share our private space with security guards while staying at home. I’ve been desperately looking for a solution which eliminates the physical
presence of a stranger around us. I first heard about Swissguard in a cigar lounge. A week later, they started monitoring our house in Miami. Since then, I feel much more at ease at home since both my privacy and security are ensured.

Thanks, Swissguard!

Phillip McCann, Owner

After many bad experiences, we decided to move from security guards to Swissguard’s services. We no longer have disagreements with our security firm over the guardian’s appearance and behavior. Because our guardians are invisible, we are happy that we do not obstruct or disturb our residents in any way. At the same time, we still provide reliable security because Swissguard’s guards keep an eye on our property, ensuring its safety at all times. …. and a lot of the costs are saved.

Levi Rodriguez, Property Manager, High-End Residential Buildings

My experience with Swissguard is overwhelmingly positive. Despite having a DIY security system in place, last year our house was broken into. I travel a lot for my job and after that, leaving my wife and kids at home didn’t feel safe anymore. I feel much more at ease now that I know there are professionals watching those cameras who will act when needed.

James Briggs, Homeowner

Our Clients

Read on the blog

Why Is Preventative Security Superior To Reactive Security?

For many years, professionals debated whether reactive or preventative security is more effective. Despite this, there has been a greater emphasis on preventative security in recent decades because it is a much more efficient and cost-effective choice.
A major component of an effective security system is the emphasis on preventing crime through efficient processes, proactive involvement with local authorities, and real-time live surveillance of the client’s property. 

Why Remote Security Is the Best Crime Prevention Solution

Whether you are an expert in home security or a complete novice, we could all agree the best way to secure your home is to turn to measures that prevent any burglary or invasions altogether.
Because unfortunately, no matter how vigilant you are, you still got to work, travel, sleep, and get on with your daily routine and most burglars are skilled at getting past the common home security measures like cameras and alarm systems.

Swissguard: The Ultimate Security Solution

It is critical to protect your family and assets. While in-person guarding services were once the preferred option for keeping an eye on your business or household, their popularity has waned in recent years due to increased crime rates, spiraling expenses, and declining security staff availability.
But what about the alternative? What about alarm systems? Can they provide the same level of protection as on-site guarding? Or could there be a better solution to all your advanced security needs?


We get it! It can be confusing to navigate the remote-monitoring world. After all, it seems every monitoring company uses the same phrases to describe their solutions: ‘Active monitoring,’ ‘Pro-active solutions’ and ‘Preventive solutions.’

But are any of these statements accurate? If you currently use an ‘active’ monitoring company or are exploring solutions, we recommend you ask the following questions:

‘Will my camera feed remain on-screen at all times?’
‘How many cameras are there per watch officer?’

The likely answer is the following: No one is viewing your feeds. These are PASSIVE, REACTIVE monitoring systems, rather than active. Camera feeds are motion-activated, sitting hidden away with thousands of other feeds until triggered.

Swissguard is the only company that is actively monitoring feeds at all times.

  • Your stream is ALWAYS on screen

  • Maximum of 32 cameras per watch officer

  • 45-minute shifts to ensure maximum attentiveness

  • 3-layer alarm confirmation process to minimize false alarms.

This dual redundancy ensures stand-alone and truly unique industry-leading crime prevention.

The price you see is always the price you pay! Swissguard never charges onboarding or setup fees.

Swissguard operates on a month-by-month basis, giving you the freedom to try us out for as little as a month if you wish.

We are the industry’s only video monitoring service provider operating without a lengthy minimum (12+ month) stipulated contract.

We believe in our product, and believe you will too!

Swissguard’s plug-and-play solutions work seamlessly with 90% of cameras. If you have a question on a specific brand or model, please call us.

Swissguard’s motion-activated cameras are a great option for sites such as offices and car dealerships that do not operate around the clock. Once the site is empty and the system has been armed, any on-site activity is immediately addressed by our trained watch officers.

Meanwhile, our Active Monitoring offers 24/7 live viewing of cameras, along with AI. This allows for truly pro-active crime prevention. Your feed is always on screen, and trained officers are constantly on alert for suspicious behavior. This protocol allows for truly pro-active crime prevention.