Live CCTV monitoring​

Improve threat detection and reach the best site protection with a 24/7 LIVE CCTV camera monitoring service.
Whether you’re looking to improve the effectiveness of your business security, substantially reduce the cost of physical guards or if alarm monitoring does not provide enough security coverage to satisfy your needs, our 24/7 LIVE CCTV camera monitoring is the perfect solution. 24/7 LIVE CCTV camera monitoring gives constant protection of your property.
We see everything that happens on your property and act according to a pre-agreed protocol at the first sign of anything suspicious. This solution is similar to having manned guards on site, but our solution covers everything – meaning no blind spots or unattended areas – to ensure your safety to the fullest.

Alarm-triggered CCTV monitoring

Swissguard’s event-based CCTV alarm monitoring services provide residential as well as commercial properties with an excellent and affordable security solution.
If you feel that LIVE CCTV camera monitoring is not for you and are satisfied with traditional event-based CCTV alarm monitoring, we can supply the solution to you. 

If your CCTV system is not monitored – especially out of hours – that means that you, your valuables, or your business are highly exposed to crime. Using a CCTV alarm monitoring service will assure you that – when the alarm is activated – it will be acted upon.

Your CCTV alarm system can be monitored when your alarm system is switched on. The switched-on alarm system sends alarm signals and we respond to activation from your site through the use of sophisticated CCTV alarm monitoring software.