Why Manned Guarding Services are the Security of the Past

With the demand for security services increasing, what is the future of manned guarding in the security industry? New technologies are leading the way in remote surveillance and are quickly displacing the regular use of manned guarding.

The economy is taking a drastic dip, and customers will no longer be able to afford security that provides effective coverage for their business. So, where does this leave manned guarding services? In the past.

Let’s take a closer look at why manned guards are phasing out in favor of smart technology, lower security costs, and higher success rates with security efforts thanks to remote security.

Why are manned guards being phased out?

Manned guards are being phased out for a number of reasons. Businesses, individuals, private properties, and schools need effective security options. Without effective security options, there are extensive liabilities, costs, and a lack of efficiency.

1. Unreliability

Manned guarding services are notoriously unreliable in giving full coverage to the premises they are guarding. Guards cannot view every single part of the property while they patrol throughout their shift, even if they are watching the premises through CCTV cameras.

There is always the opportunity for a guard to miss something. They could go to the restroom or become distracted by a conversation with a co-worker and not focus on their post. There will always be an element of ineffective security with an in-person guard.

2. Selection of Employees

Hiring reliable and proactive security guards is a difficult process. Selecting an individual with the right characteristics and abilities to make an effective security guard is a long, involved process, and often comes with inaccurate results.

The hiring process isn’t always successful in hiring the best individuals. Hiring guards that are not fully equipped to be security personnel means that ineffective people are retained in the security industry, putting more businesses at risk.

3. Liability

Hiring in-person security guards present a massive liability to any company. There are several reasons for this. Security guards appear as a deterrent to the criminal element. But when someone decides to commit a crime, security guards are often more of a hindrance than an asset.

A security guard who is hurt while protecting the premises can sue the company for damages. Similarly, if the criminal is injured in the process of attacking the premises, they can sue the business for any damages they receive.

4. Efficient Response Time

Due to the liability of a security guard taking action in their own right, there can be no physical contact between the guard and criminal, proving manned guarding an unreliable service.

The proper authorities are the best individuals to enact physical protection on the property. Unfortunately, manned guarding is not the most efficient option to alert the authorities about any possible incidents on the property.

Remote security services are increasingly showing that they are a better and more viable option for creating a safe environment on premises with a quick and efficient alert time to the authorities.

5. Cost of In-Person Security

Companies pay extortionate rates for ineffective services with manned guarding. Security is a necessary expense for most businesses, and they are often willing to pay high prices to ensure that their premises have the best security in action.

However, these prices are high and detract from a business’ operating costs. While the cost of security is high, security guards are relatively low-paid. People on the receiving end of a low income are typically unmotivated individuals and put the premises at risk.

6. Spiraling Security Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic had a major effect on the security industry. Brexit has further affected the economic climate of the security industry. This means that there is a decrease in the available workforce.

As a result of a decreased workforce, security companies are hiring security from each other, which results in a cost spiral. Prices of security solutions are rising as a result, and customers are increasingly unable to pay these rates. Security businesses are seeing an increase in receivables because of a deteriorating industry.

The economic market is quickly dipping, which means that customers are unable to pay these increased prices, they are paying late, and businesses with manned guarding solutions are quickly deteriorating and cannot provide an effective security solution to businesses.

Manned guarding services are no longer the top security solution to provide an effective guarding service to customers. Businesses cannot pay the ever-increasing costs of manned guarding services. Security services cannot deliver effective and low-cost services, and the industry continues to derail.

Businesses are forcing a new solution to their security needs, and virtual security is the answer to these needs.


Virtual Security: The Way of The Future

Customers are looking for new solutions to their security requirements that provide greatcoverage, are affordable, and are more reliable than the security of the past.

Virtual security takes advantage of the effectiveness of manned guarding and combines it with affordable pricing and innovative technology.

When CCTV first entered the market as a viable option for security purposes, it was cutting edge. Now, surveillance technology is much more affordable, with smart features that maximize the security of a property.

A virtual security guard who surveys premises from a remote location can provide a more comprehensive service to their security customers with smart cameras. Smart cameras that are combined with artificial intelligence are a game-changer in the industry.

Virtual guards can use all the benefits of artificial intelligence to survey a property with maximum coverage. When the smart camera detects a threat, the virtual guard is alerted and can take the appropriate action to ensure the premises remain secure.

Swissguard is a leading virtual security service that ensures properties receive maximum security benefits for a fraction of the cost. Their results are achieved thanks to smart security technology and efficient use of the human element in their security services.

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