Although many security solutions are on the market, not all are accurately labeled as preventative security solutions. Preventative security is the best solution for ensuring complete safety on a property by stopping crime before it can take place. Let’s take a closer look at the elements that make a preventative system and how they are beneficial compared to a reactive security solution.

What is reactive Security?

CCTV alarm monitoring usually only works in a way that an alarm must be triggered before any action can be taken to address the issue on-site. If the alarm is not raised or even turned off, this solution is useless. A security guard could be a great alternative but they cannot monitor the entire property, leaving opportunities for crime to take place. With these services, the crime has often been already initiated before any kind of protective measures can be taken.

This is labeled as reactive security, and these measures will never be able to offer the comprehensive coverage that you need to be protected, secure and safe on a property.

Swissguard offers a preventative security solution where unwanted events are deterred through the detection of suspicious activities which may lead to crimes by remote watch officers.

Why Preventative Security Works

Preventative security has several elements that make it the most effective way to predict and address a crime before it happens. Swissguard’s remote security works by detecting suspicious activity before it happens. The elements that make up the security system work together to prevent crime from happening.

Live Monitoring

Using advanced technology such as smart cameras, watch officers can remotely survey the premises from any location in the world.

Most CCTV cameras offer some deterrence when criminals see them around the building but many of these cameras are not operational. And if they are hooked up to a feed, they are not monitored with precision and exercise.

With Swissguard, a watch officer watches the feeds 24/7 live and flags an issue if something is suspicious, so their supervisor can assess the situation and take action if necessary.


Highly Trained Staff

The watch officers monitoring the feed from the security cameras are highly trained staff members. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to efficiently deal with any issues on the property.

These skills are complemented by a management staff with extensive backgrounds in the security industry. This experience gives them the ability to handle issues with experience and calm.

The management staff can provide protocols that have been shown to work in the past and continue to offer an effective security solution when issues arise on the premises.


Rapid Response Times

Thanks to the highly trained staff at headquarters, who monitor the feeds 24/7 live, there are very few false alarms on any sites with preventative security.

False alarms are the major contributing factor to slow response times. Suppose a law enforcement officer has to make their way to the property every time there is a false alarm. In that case, they will not have a rapid response when there is a real emergency.

Additionally, remote security agencies foster excellent relationships with law enforcement to ensure the most rapid response time to issues before it escalates. The goal is to stop the crime, and a rapid response time is a key to this.


Preventive Action

Prevention is always the goal when it comes to crime. But when an issue does arrive, it must be effectively and quickly dealt with. When crimes are prevented, the insurance costs are lower; there is less chance for liability prosecution on behalf of the employer and no damage from the crime. Plus, anyone who enters the premises is physically safe from harm.


Peace of Mind

Operating a business, securing the property, and preventing crime from taking place are at the forefront of people’s minds. Not many security options give complete peace of mind to clients, but preventative security can.

Manned security may exude a feeling of security and protection, but it is a false impression. Manned security can do little besides delay a rapid response from law enforcement.

CCTV footage will record the action taking place but won’t be able to warn anyone that a crime is about to be committed.


Why Reactive Security Isn’t the Best Option

Reactive security has its place in security measures. It offers important intelligence through recordings from CCTV cameras. The problem is that the camera feeds are not monitored live.

It also can deter people to a certain extent that remote security might not be able to do as effectively while not on the premises. On-site security guards may try to prevent a crime from going any further. There are several reasons why this isn’t a favorable outcome.


There is always a chance of liability charges when a crime takes place. The damage is already done even when it cannot be successfully completed. If a security guard hurts a perpetrator or a society guard is harmed during the course of a crime, there is the option for them to press liability charges.

This is a massive additional cost, and it can ruin the reputation of the client.


Reactive security systems range in price, but the security services are never guaranteed. Often, reactive security services are very high in price, but the additional cost of insurance must be factored in.

When there is the possibility of liability and damage, it increases insurance costs exponentially. These costs are high and make reactive security not a favorable option for safety.


Lack of Coverage

There will always be holes in the security measures with every reactive security system, whether it be a manned security guard or a CCTV and alarm monitoring system.

This could be a guard falling asleep on the job, a security camera malfunctioning, or a thief sneaking around the security measures; there is no sense of security on the property. 

Preventative security is the superior choice when securing a property, keeping people safe, and ensuring the ongoing safety of the premises. Swissguard offers a remote security solution that works as a preventative system. With highly trained monitoring agents, military-grade artificial intelligence, and effective protocols, Swissguard can prevent crime.

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