To be able to offer a quality solution, Swissguard puts great effort into finding the right people who can deliver our services impeccably. Our quality is based on our staff. The staff is our key asset. The most important values of the people who work here are commitment and loyalty towards clients’ security, to Swissguard, as well as to fellow colleagues. Our colleagues go through extensive and regular training which enables them to be excellent at their job. The loyal and committed staff saves us cost and management time while keeping the highest level of work ethic and service level. At Swissguard, team members are immensely proud of the company’s Swiss roots and are dedicated and passionate about delivering high-quality services – unparalleled in the industry.
Dr. Gabor Petrovszky

Dr. Gabor Petrovszky

CEO, Swissguard Group
Arpad Rozgonyi

McCauley Kraker

Director, Swissguard USA LLC


85 Great Portland Street
Marylebone, London, W1W 7LT


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